Dankest Dungeon 1.0

Dismayed by the state of politics in the land of Yonder, you decided to research political science. With no source material available beyond the sacred texts of Vulpes Nuntium, you conclude that only the dankest of memes can be used to win back sanity in your lands. Since dank things are generally found underground, you set forth into the Dankest Dungeon, seeking to find the Amulet of Winning - and restore political sanity to the land.

This is a 7-Day Roguelike, created as an exercise in finding out what Emscripten can do these days. Please enjoy it, and provide feedback to /u/thebracket on Reddit. This program is provided as-is. No warranty, express or implied, is provided. Any resemblance to real-life characters is purely coincidental. In other words - have fun, please don't sue me, and remember that this was written for fun not security - so please don't give me any secrets to protect!

Brave Adventurer - Identify Yourself!

This game is built around designing dungeons, and sharing them with other adventurers. As such, you need a user account - so we know which dungeons are yours. Very little effort has been put into security, so please don't use a password that you care about, or use for anything important!

You can also login as guest with the password guest if you feel uncomfortable with logins. This will prevent you from being attributed for any levels you create, but otherwise has full access.

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